Ok, so remembering the old days of high school, there’s this german man with a great beard and crazy ideas who proposed a society model that divides opinions.
We have the “economic base” (infraestructura, in spanish) which determines everything else: “Superstructure”. Within the superstructure we can find culture, ideology and other social phenomenons. So, a person inserted in a communist society, would have the hobbies, interests and ways of living  that the economy “chooses”. But after Marx, a lot of economists and sociologists came up with different thoughts about this model, and concluded that the economic base determines the superstructure as much as the superstructure determines the economy of a society.

Now, I’ve mentioned one tricky word, CULTURE. But what is culture? who determines it? who creates it?
Well, one of its many definitions is

“Patterns of meaning that reproduce and reenforce patterns of belief and action”

Culture reenforces the economic system, for example in a capitalist society you will be surrounded by ads that encourage you to buy, to choose, to be different = consumerism.
Mmm sad, I thought I was making my own decisions.

Another interesting thing about cultures (when they are seen as the characteristics and people of a nation) is that each one of them thinks its way of living is “god’s way of living”. So that explains funny stuff like Manifest Destiny…

So, in a society where you can’t live without media, what is the role of journals, television, radio, etc?

TO CONTROL US! (really?)

We live in a highly disciplined society, we are told what to do and what to think every day thousands of times and even though we’re seeing things getting worse, we decide to believe what media has to say. We are a subordinated mass audience. Sad, familiar and true.

(What it used to be a good punk song by The Clash has now become a popular song for advertising. Another prove of how social movements get turned into fashion by marketing)


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  1. Nicely done (you do not scare me).

    Dr. Strangelove


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