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Deinstitutionalization, the key to the internet’s success

We saw in class how the deinstitutionalization is the KEY tool of the internet. When the modern social system was created, the people in power decided to institutionalized everything, so they could control several aspects of the social life. For example, first, men created religion but then the Church was born, so that people knew the official way to do things “properly”. Same thing happened with laws, government, education, art and a long etcetera. 

With the emergence of the internet, people had now access to unofficial contents, forbidden readings and images, controversial data and so on. Since it is a source of information that’s not institutionalized, it has much more freedom than other media, and this is what keeps attracting people to use it as a reference, or even as a truth finder.

Traditional media like television and the press, are talking about what’s going on the internet, giving the chance to underground communication products to become mainstream. However, it might look innocent and harmless, but media corporations are doing that because they don’t want to lose control over the information, and it’s a way of saying “we are aware of what’s popular, we are watching you”. So the culture is policed, because as members of a civilization, we should fear lack of control, we should repress every instinct that sets us apart from the human rationality and we shouldn’t be watching or learning from a source that has no regulations whatsoever. 

Everyday in the Jock Turcott Building of the University of Ottawa, in the first floor, inside the office of “Protection Services”, there are several videos about drugs being projected. The information comes from an official source and it’s there in order for the students to learn more about the risks of doing any kind of drug. I have seen those videos many times, read the pamphlets and even asked questions, but I can also get the same info and more from the internet. This is an example of videos you can find:

So we have the stoner trying to show how to roll a blunt in the “proper manner”, and we have a professor talking about how drugs should be legalized. That seems pretty legit, and it’s interesting to read all the comments the video generated. Even when you can find videos like “how to smoke crack”, on the other hand you can bump into serious information, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of this deinstitutionalized media?

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